Case Studies

Andres Ratti Describes How He Overcame Fear

Hilda Fogel Tells How “Occurring” Changed Her Life

How To Enjoy Your Job Despite Your Boss

Lauren Lagergren

My Daughter Brittany Tells How “Occurring” Helped Me Deal With Her Teenage Upsets

Renee Tells How She Dissolves Her Upsets In Minutes

Shelly Lefkoe Tells How Occurring Eliminates Her Upsets In Seconds

Stefan Pagacik’s Experience With The Lefkoe Occurring Course

Steve Oshry Describes How The Lefkoe Occurring Course Changed His Life

Milan Zigmond’s Experience With The Lefkoe Occurring Course

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  1. Osho has said that the sufi’s light other’s with the simple and practical techniques to enlighten other’s..
    I can say thank you Morty,I love you…..Excellent Mind Tonic techniques to get better,better and better every day and in every way,like coming out from the clouds and seeing the beautiful sunrise inside and outside.
    Every technique is the Mind Tonic.Thank you Sir, I love you.I am very grateful to know you.

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