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  1. I really believe this I would like to do this course, but is impossible to me expend this amount, I am unemployee.God bless you and success for all that can do this.

    1. Hi Ken,

      If you want to register and haven’t completed all the requirements, please call me Tuesday at 415-884-0552 and we’l work out the details. I will be out of town Wed-Sunday, so please reach me Tuesday.

      Love, Morty

  2. Oh! I need this, oh , how do I need it.This price is too much for me. See if I am desperate for help is because I don´t have great resources, I need help, and I would like pay for it, but only I get results and change deffinitive my life, my way of thinking, that is a great barrier for my success and grow. Thanks any way, and please if you see any way to allow me to do this course, in a easy and more accessible way, let me know.Joao

  3. Dear All,
    I feel I need to weigh in on the debate between Niceguy and Peter O. In times of financial trouble, I relocated, cleaned, sold door to door and did whatever it takes. I did extra courses and added extra skills, doing things I loved doing and I changed career seven times, including once after the age of 50. The point is that if you are controlled by “lack” in your mentality, you panic and don’t see chances. I am from a fairly modest background although my parents valued education and that helped. I am a woman and one of my negative beliefs was “a man should provide for me”, which I eliminated by applying Morty’s method, my way. In the last year, lots of “bad” things happened. But I found out I was stronger than I thought I was. I stay present, focus on the positive and built a new life, alone. I have quite a good and high-earning job now. But I lost a job I thought I loved, after six years. Turns out it was killing me and I didn’t even know it. But I used to think “you have to stick to things you choose” and it turns out that I was getting in my own way by doing that. I got online, checked out where there were jobs, sent out resumes to everyone I ever knew in the whole world ever and volunteered doing stuff I loved. That turned into a better job, after four months of unemployment and real worries about being able to survive, economically. Make yourself think you can get out of financial trouble. Think about where there are jobs and consider relocating. When I was doing modest work – bar and door to door sales – I never thought the jobs defined me. I just added skills and paid the bills. In the end, I didn’t need to relocate again, although I have before and I would again. Morty’s methods work, because they eliminate fear, panic and control of you from the past. All you have is here right now. Niceguy, somebody must be earning a living in your town. How do they do it? People will be able to help you, if you ask them, work real hard and add value, whatever you do. I hate to interfere in somebody else’s process, but I think life is all about being present in your challenges and resolving them with calm strength. “Bad” things happened to me – and I am better off and much more real for it. if I have to clean or work in bars again, I will know that does not define me. I really hope this helps you!

    1. Thank you Greer, I loved your comment, so insightful and inspirational! I am now at the point in my life when I fell from high horse into doing menial jobs- and thank you for reminding me that what I do doesn’t define me. I don’t know about niceguy but your post really helped me.:)

    2. Thank you Greer, I loved your comment, so insightful and inspirational! I am now at the point in my life when I fell from high horse into doing menial jobs- and thank you for reminding me that what I do doesn’t define me. I don’t know about niceguy but your post really helped me.:)

  4. Hi mortey

    I can’t wait to get my hands on this course, are you still going to release it as a product that we do by ourselves without your input after you have gathered all the feedback you need from this second interactive course at the lower price?

    If so then im sure this will deal with our worries about the price


    1. Hi Ian,

      So far I haven’t figured out how to put this course into a DVD. So much of each week’s tele-class is me giving feedback to each participant, which is based on me reading that participant’s weekly post on his progress. And what I cover each week is based to some extent on how fast the class is moving.

      And finally, people have to do their assignment every day for it to work. When they know they have to write something that I will be reading each week, that motivates them. If someone has a set of DVDs, there isn’t the same motivation to watch one a week and do all the assignments in between.

      I really do want to create a CD or DVD course, but at present I haven’t figured out how.

      Love, Morty

  5. I’ve just been reading the comments, and I’m thinking of how much therapy costs, how long it often takes, and how much it often leaves unresolved (so people may get stuck in understanding stuff, vs being able to let emotions go).

    I know that doesn’t make this course affordable to people in desperate positions, but it puts the course cost into perspective.

    What does it mean not to be grabbed by anger? I’m thinking of my experience of an event that, years ago, pulled me into years of anger. What a cost. I’m recently been in much harder situations – and a sense of letdown, yes – and of “I have a lot to learn” – but none of the burning inner anger. Such a difference.

  6. Hi Morty, I’m thinking of how much therapy costs, and how long it often takes. I know that doesn’t make this course affordable to people in desperate positions, but it puts the course cost into perspective.

    What does it mean not to be grabbed by anger? I’m thinking of my experience of an event that, years ago, pulled me into years of anger. What a cost. I’m recently been in much harder situations – and a sense of letdown, yes – and of “I have a lot to learn” – but none of the burning inner anger. Such a difference.

  7. first of all Thanks Peter for your help. it seems to me that i cannot mail you directly because there are few dashes (….) before the mail so may be writing the mail address does not allow here. but i sent you a mail anyway.

    but i hearty thankful to you for your contribution. it is true that i does not pay attention to the planning the way you describe how you make plan in detailed i never done it in my life. and thanks for this strong recommendation. i am writing my email address if Mr. Morty allow it in the comment section and that is

    i am trying to figure out what i can do in my circumstances. i wanted to join the online business but find that now there is tough competition and earning money is really tough compare to a year before. it is not my conclusion i have talked to many friends and they all are saying the same thing.

    i am trying my best and thanks for your advice.


  8. Hello Mr Niceguy ,

    Id say that what has helped me in the past , current and the future is to form a plan of attack business wise . Then and I believe this to be very important is I say the plan , write the plan and then most of all I tell others about the plan that are encourangering types. In my case I have a few men who I value there views, morals and energy for a lack of better word. When I say this is my plan and the more detailed I am about the plan the better then I know they will follow up with me and make sure Im on top of what I wanted to do. example instead of just saying ” I want more clients ” Id say something like ” I will spend 3 hours per week going to these businesses to promote my business and to create stronger relations so they know they can send there clients to me with full trust ” Even more specific would be a list of those I would visit for week 1 , week 2 , week 3 etc , even more detail would be to then have it be tracked to see the actual result ..i.e when I speak to a new client I always ask ” where or how did you hear about us or our business ? … so if I had advice id say find some men who you trust will give good input and critical thinking as you state what each weeks or month’s goals are. Hope this helps … ps what is the new business your thinking of starting ? is there a demand for it in your local area and what are the ones who are offering that type of service doing wrong that you can gain from ?

    ps 2 … not sure if were able to give our emails out here but if you wish you can directly email me …

    God bless

    Peter O

  9. Hey MrNiceguy ,

    Hmmmm , Its actually hard to try and explain something I have just done semi naturally . I wasnt pushing marty’s product or services but rather saying that if you have the passion to solve people’s problems such as lawn care , doing tasks folks dont have time or enjoy doing then you can always find work to pay the bills and as you say put food on the table. Is it risky to work for yourself , yes but then again life rewards risks at times. Not always but if you have the will then you can always make way. Sounds like a goofy saying but I believe it to be true. If you truly have the desire to work for yourself rather then the so called comfort of knowing you will make a certain amount per hour , per week , per month. I have kids and wife and house that all need my income to live on and there have been months where I wasnt successful enough to cover expenses or hell barely getting by with that said there have been more months and years where my needs and some wants have been met . I wrote a comment for you because it sounded like you needed to hear that anything is possible if you apply yourself 100 percent. I hope this clears up my advice to you and again I hope you challenge yourself to work for yourself . God Bless


    1. Peter,

      i am not saying that you are pushing the product of Morty. from your comments it is clear that you have good knowledge on your subject that is why i am asking question from you. I love Morty because i feel his energy and i can feel that he is positive and honest with us and he is providing a very good product. and if i have the money i am definitely going towards this opportunity. i have a question and i just asked from you. but from my opinion that product work best for those man who cross the survival mode and now in the growth mode and this really help them.

      and thanks for providing me the confidence that i can achieve anything i wanted to. i just wanted to know the honest opinion and you provide me that opinion. thanks for this.

      nice guy

  10. Hey Niceguy ,

    Id say this is exactly the time to do what you have a passion for. When jobs are flowing and money is all around and things are easy then well it doesnt take much to break away its when things are like they are now days when reward is connected to risk. I say this as a man who has owned his own business for 10 years but also someone who is more then willing to do other sales jobs etc so I can have the cash I desire. I want to sell morty’s system LOL that would be a easy sell. Where is the affliate program morty ? how can I direct clients and traffic to you and make a nice chunk of change ? MrNiceguy id say first check and see what you need versus want material wise. Those bills can be cut down , scaled back or even ask to have a few months to cover your costs anything to allow you to pursue your dream job. With all that said remember when you work for yourself your the first to work and last to get paid LOL … Best of Luck mrniceguy

    1. Mr. Olson, your answer does not understand by me. you said in the first line that this is the exactly the time to do what you have a passion for. can you explain a little bit more. how can one person go for passion if his first priority is to bring bread and butter on the table for his family. i think in this circumstances people wanted to do any job they find so that i can be secure. and after security they go for passion. i wanted to understand your point.

      people work for certainty. if i am certain that doing this work bring the results i wants than i definitely going for this. but in present circumstances i did not see that it is good idea for pursuing a passionate career when things are bad. i am speaking exactly the opposite to the self-help industry but i am having logic behind it. i am also waiting for your reply Mr. Olson.

  11. i am interested to know about your process that how this work but i do not understand it fully. i agree with you that we are the person who give the meaning to the events and responsible for our life. but how this occurrence help me in my life. take your example i lost my job and it is very difficult for me to find the job in the market and i have bills to pay. now i give meaning to this events as a disaster. and i am seeing it as a disaster and because i am the person whose responsibility to give the meaning to the events and i saw it a disaster because i have no money to pay off the bills and also lost my job.

    after doing your course now i know that events does not inherit any meaning and meaning is given by us to the events. and now i give the meaning to the events that this is an opportunity because what i wanted to do what i love to do but i am not doing it in the past because i have to pay the bills now i got the opportunity to fulfill my desire. but internally i know that i am deep in trouble because i have no money to pay my bills and have no jobs.

    could you please answer that how this occurrence process help me to dealt with these types of circumstances.

    your answer is appreciated


    1. Hi Niceguy,

      I don’t mean to make light of being out of work. It isn’t fun. Bills need to be paid and there might not be enough. This is a “consequence” of the event and events do have consequences.

      But the event has no meaning. It doesn’t mean you will never find a job, or you might find a better job, or you might change careers and enjoy the new one better and look back at the firing as a great thing, etc.

      Many very successful people, including Richard Branson, the founder of the Virgin brand, have said that going bankrupt early in life was the best thing that ever happened to them, because it taught them the lessons they needed to become billionaires later in life.

      Regards, Morty

      1. thanks for your answer Mr. Lefkoe, if we are facing the consequences of the events than how the occurrence course going to help us. how can occurrence course help me to get the job i wanted and other positive things i wanted in my life. i am not going to question your course or your intention i know you are far better than most of the people i encountered but the question remain the same that how can be consequences of events are make in our favor by doing this course other than feeling good inside. because i am rather a positive person who fairly have good control over my thoughts or focus. but i did not achieve the financial abundance other people are claiming for. how just creating the meaning is create the results when things are tough.

        i know what most people says to me that if i choose to look to the situation in a positive way than it work for me. if i see the present circumstances as a opportunity rather than a problem than things are better for me. but do you really think that this type of thinking really do well in the life of other people.

        right now people are going through the tough situation and just thinking and focusing on finding the good or bright side of the situation does not bring the butter and bread on the table. one must be realistic about these facts. i know what i am writing is contradictory with the self-help because it says that focusing is the main thing but i am using it from many years and still i am struggling. i am focusing on the positive side of the life and still did not achieve the results i wanted to achieve.

        i am awaiting your insightful response in this regard.

        nice guy

  12. Hi Peter,

    Sorry about the “corny” response to the support ticket. I’m looking into it. We get so many that we do have a lot of “canned” responses.

    Other than that, I’m thrilled that you got so much value from the single free belief. You might want to try the other two free ones as virtually every client we have worked with personally has had them, even though they might have thought they didn’t at first.

    Let me know what you think. And thanks for sharing our work with your friends. Our goal is to have at least 5 million people try our free site and discover the create their own lives and can eliminate limiting beliefs anytime they want.

    Regards, Morty

  13. As the others have said the price is what it is. A huge hurdle for most these days for sure. I wont be able to be one of the 20 attendees however ; I will say that Morty’s idea and thought process is awesome ! i did his free pick one of three beliefs and none of them seem like great choices so by default I choose the mistakes are bad one , well all I can say is wow ! First i didnt even know I had deep seeded memories on how my parents corrected or raised me on but as I did exactly as was instructed in his free video I was able to remember concerns. As soon as I was able to remember them and really see how that left my way of thinking changed I was just as amazed on how his processes worked to remove in my mind and gut mistakes being bad. In fact my wife is a bit concerned as now I just see mistakes as things that happen and I literally dont concern myself with them past wishing to make changes the next time Im in the same setting. Other then that mistakes dont bother me on any level and thats CRAZY ! from one video and free and I honestly cant get myself worked up over mistakes anymore. So if thats what his free stuff does needless to say if you can swing the cash Go for it ! I have sent his link to friends and family I think in the area of about 20 folks so far and wont stop its too awesome. Only kink to his website is if you write a actual real question concerning a issue you would like to have removed they send back some corny response. Otherwise Morty is the MAN !

    1. Hi Marie,

      We have prepared a long description that we will send out on Tuesday.

      And it will change your life … promise.

      Regards, Morty

  14. Morty,

    Once again, THANK YOU! You have given so much information freely to so many people. I also see that you are offering your time to people who would like to pay for it by purchasing your ongoing program. For me this is also an amount of money that at that price I will be using in other places. What you are giving is well worth millions to people who are in need of it. I appreciate that you have also freely given much. Please keep this portion of your business going. There are many people out there choosing between food and electricity.

    Thank you, Morty and I wish your business well.


  15. I would love to take the course, but right now I don’t have the money. I’ll start saving and when you offer it again in the future, I’ll be ready. The Nat. Conf. program has done so much for me right now, that I am still experiencing the positive results. I’ll continue to read your blogs and visit the Facebook site as they are a valuable source for me to continue the journey I began into coming to my true Self. Love and Light

  16. This is exactly what I have been looking for to enhance my allowing, your passion to help people gives me the same passion to learn, as I have started my own site to promote new methods that assist people in creating the life experiences they choose.
    Thank you, Corey

    1. Hi Corey,

      Good luck on your new web site. And thanks for being my partner in helping people to create their experience of life.
      Does your note mean you are joining us for the course?

      Regards, Morty

  17. Morty, you are doing fantastic work and you sound incredibly authentic…yes its expensive as the last comment says, but as the saying goes…if you think education is expensive, try ignorance…I am looking forward to affording your classes soon…in the interim I love your blogs and mails

  18. I really do believe in this and would love to do it but man for most people this sort of cost is just too much…how may people have spare $495 dollars a month?
    I would love to do it and I know all the arguments regarding the value of the material and it’s not much considering what you gain etc etc but for a lot of people it is just too much.
    I do believe in investing in yourself and I paid to do the belief process course so I am not shy about investing my money but this is just a bit too much for most I would have thought.

    1. Hi Mark,

      Thanks for your comments. I appreciate you taking the time to write.

      After one woman said she really wanted to take the course but couldn’t afford the terms, we worked out a 9 payment plan. Would that help you?

      Regards, Morty

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